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Screen Shots of our Block Manager at work

To get started, Open an AutoCad session and begin a new drawing or open an existing drawing. For this tutorial, we'll open an existing drawing and add a Full Height Door Base Cabinet to our Elevation view.

From the Pulldown Menu or the PeSymbols Toolbar (added to AutoCad upon the installation of the PeMillwork Manager Software), select  the Base Cabinets option - PeSymbols Base Cabs.

      (Close-up view of the Pulldown Menu)

(View of an existing drawing showing our Cabinet Blocks already in place)

Next, from the Base Cabinet Dialog box, begin selecting the specifications for the Base Cabinet by clicking on the appropriate radio buttons and by selecting the width from the pulldown menu. In this case, we've selected a 26" wide, Full Height Door Base Cabinet at 36" AFF in the Elevation view. Once the specifics have been entered, click on the OK button. (See example below) 

(View of the Base Cabinet dialog box in our existing drawing)

After clicking on the OK button, the dialog box will disappear and the Base Cabinet will appear. Drag the Base Cabinet to the lower right corner of the existing (4) drawer Base Cabinet and click on its END POINT. (See example below) 

(Close-up view of the FHD Base Cabinet being moved into position)

And that's all there is to it. The Full Height Door Base Cabinet is now in place. All that is left to do is to explode the Base Cabinet blocks and trim up their edge lines for a seamless toe kick appearance. (See example below)

(View of the FHD Base Cabinet inserted into our drawing )

Each Module in the PeMillwork Manager (Base Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, Counter Top Sections, Moulding Profiles, etc.) works exactly the same way that the above exercise did. The only difference is in the specifications required for each type of Millwork.

Adding Base and Wall Cabinets to an AutoCad drawing with our PeMillwork Manager is snap. It will save you up to 50% of drawing time on your shop drawings. Consider this, each Cabinet view shown above was added to the drawing by using the PeMillwork Manager. The whole drawing took less than (5) five minutes to that's fast!



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