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Architectural Millwork Series
All Symbols (Blocks) are compatible with AutoCAD R14 & LT97 or higher

Cabinet Plans and Elevations - Frameless

Over 6700 plan & elevation views of Flush Overlay Base & Wall Cabinets. Wall Cabinets come with flush or recessed bottoms, and Base Cabinets come in 30", 34" & 36" AFF counter top heights (counter tops not included). Both Base & Wall Cabinets come in widths of 12" to 48" in 1/4" increments.

Cabinet and Counter Top Sections

Over 300 section cuts through various Base & Wall Cabinets, as well as various Counter Tops. Cabinet features include Recessed and Flush Bottom Wall Cabinets and Line Bore and Recessed Standards on all Cabinets.

Moulding Profiles

Over 470 profiles of various Mouldings including Base, Crown, Shoe, Chair Rail, Casing, Shelf Edge and more. Works great with AutoCad 2000's Design Center, AutoCad LT's Content Explorer or the DDINSERT command within AutoCad.

Complete Architectural Millwork Library

A complete set of all three libraries listed above; Base & Wall Cabinets, Moulding profiles and Counter Top Sections - over 7500 Millwork Symbols in all.

PeMillwork Manager Architectural Millwork Series

There are over 7500 Architectural Millwork Symbols included in this block manager, as well an additional 200+ Bonus Blocks. You will get Plan, Elevation and Section symbols of Flush Overlay (Frameless) Base and Wall Cabinets, Section symbols of Square Edge, Radiused Edge and Bullnose Edge Counter Tops, over 470 Moulding Profiles, and hundreds of miscellaneous symbols of People, Vehicles, Trees, Plants, Furnishings and more! Compatible with AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004, 2005 & 2006 (Not yet available with AutoCAD LT).

Available Upgrades

Check our Upgrades section to see if there are any upgrades to your Millwork Library available for immediate download.


Featured Items


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Free Samples

Cabinet Pans / Elevs.
Cabinet Sections
Moulding Profiles
Hatch Patterns (64)

AutoLisp Routine


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